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Dear educators,

All over Europe, you are working towards shaping a new education system. A system that is collaborative, open and invites you to make the most of the tools and technologies around you. Unfortunately, copyright laws haven’t changed for over fifteen years, and this is affecting you every day.

Join us in our mission to shape the future of education, now.

We want you to have the freedom to teach without breaking the law

Before teaching her students about how representations of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet have changed through the ages, a teacher may have to ask permission from the rights holders of every movie she wants to screen in class. We want to relieve educators from this impossible task.

We want you to be able to use materials that will tell stories in an unbiased way

When an educator wants to teach her students about the Vietnam War in her History class, many of the images available are biased. We need a law that allows educators to choose from a wider selection of visual material so they are not limited to the images available in textbooks.

We want the same freedoms for all educators in the EU

If a Portuguese music teacher wants to play her students a piece of contemporary music online, she might be unable to play the entire song in class. A teacher in the Netherlands, however, does not face the same restriction. We believe teachers within the EU should share the same rights.

We want a law that will allow you to embrace the digital opportunities that are available today

When a politics teacher wants to provide his students with a video of a press conference given by President Trump via email, the school risks getting fined. We must ensure that teachers are able to use digital communication tools for educational purposes.

We want a law that recognises museums, libraries and NGOs as having an educational function

When an educator at a library organises a modern art class, she would encounter problems using a copyright protected art collection on its premises without asking permission from the rights holder beforehand. We believe museums, libraries and NGOs should have the same recognition that schools have for their educational function, so they are also able to organise educational programmes.

Let’s make copyright right. Right now. Are you with us?

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Have you had frustrating experiences when using materials like images, video or music to illustrate your class? Share your story here and we will make sure policy makers hear about it.