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This campaign is part of COMMUNIA’s project Copyright Reform for Education. COMMUNIA advocates for policies that expand the public domain and increase access to, and reuse of culture and knowledge. We want to raise awareness about copyright in education and the need to reform the copyright system among educational institutions and educators. This way educators can raise their voice in the current copyright reform to improve copyright in such a way that it facilitates modern education. To find out more about our demands for copyright for education, you can read the joint letter we sent with 33 other organisations and 17 individuals to the European Parliament.


The Copyright Reform for Education project is funded by the Open Society Foundation and Kennisland. The design of the campaign was created by Amsterdam-based creative agency Vandejong. The infographics portraying the legal research on the educational exceptions and limitations were made by Portuguese-based designer André Rocha. The infographics portraying the modern practices research were made by Polish designer Joanna Tarkowska.

Note about the copyright in this campaign

It is very difficult to show the complexities and problems concerning copyright while abiding to the letter of copyright law. We have therefore chosen to use our freedom of expression, citation right and right to parody to critique the current status quo by using images in the ‘examples’ section which we do not necessarily hold the copyright or have permission to use in another form. This is the only way we can illustrate the problems surrounding copyright that educators need to deal with on a daily basis. We do not recommend you reuse these images. Everything else on this website is released into the public domain using the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0). Please feel free to reuse.

Privacy policy

We will only store your information for the purposes of running this campaign. We will only share personal information if you have given permission to do so or when the law requires it. We will only use your personal information for the purpose you have given permission for, we will not share it with third parties without your permission, and will not store it longer than is necessary.

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